Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Green

From May 4th until May 6th Jaron, Curtis, Tara and I kayaked down the Green River. It is named the 'green' river because that's what color it is--GROSS! The water was SO cold too, the one time I got in up to my shoulders I slammed my shin into a rock, big ouch. The water actually helped to numb it and my adrenaline was kicked in because I had to psych myself out to step in.

It was real hard work and my shoulders are still sore two days later. We put the kayaks in at Ruby Ranch (windy, dusty, bumpy 30 minute drive) and we ended at the Mineral Bottom, I think it was about 45 miles.

We all had a fantastic time! We even saw some beavers, a deer and birds of every kind. Our last night camping the boys found some tumble weeds and decided they wanted a bonfire. Crazy kids!!