Tuesday, November 1, 2011


A few days later I had THIS! The little stinker wouldn't wear his cape, which was AWESOME, by the way. And he was giving me attitude so I bribed him with the candy in his right hand.

This year the SLC Library did a "Haunted Library" for the kids, it was great. My niece, Sabrina, and nephew, Alex, came with us to it. We had a ton of fun and did a lot of chasing two-year olds :)

Cute boy

Saturday, September 17, 2011

California Trip

On our way to Sacramento at the end of July we stopped off at Tahoe. This plaque is right by the beach access point and I thought it was very descriptive of how I felt looking out at Tahoe for the first time.
Mr. Robbins jumped right into the FREEZING water, but Javin was a bit more on the cautious side.
Javin LOVED being chauffeured around by daddy.
Cute little family Kodak moment @ Tahoe

Our cousin, Briana, was getting married in the Sacramento Temple - the reason behind our trip - but once we got there the ONLY thing that mattered was the fountain out front. Look at those cute toddler bottoms (mine is on the left).

After the wedding and before the reception we stopped off at the American River and had some fun. Javin mostly filled his bucket with the sand/mud.

Isn't this the most ADORABLE face ever - I could be bias :)

As some of you know...

Yesterday was my birthday, I'm 28 - ekk! Mr. Robbins and I will use any excuse to go out to eat, but we usually have Javin with us. One of my YW, Maple, was kind enough to watch him for us while we went out with Tara and Kevin. Since we hardly get dressed up to go out and my birthday only comes once a year I thought we'd take some pics.

Myself and BFF Tara - she came to my rescue a few times this week, love you! You always go above and beyond, I don't deserve a friend as good as you, but you stay and I'm not complaining :)
Mmmm..coke at Red Rock. Mmm..Flat Iron Steak. Mmm....onions and horseradish papas. It was GOOD!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Javin Turned Two :)

This is what Mr. Robbins and I got Javin for his birthday - a Strider (its a bike with no pedals, so they can learn balance and steering). He's getting pretty quick.

We had a medium-sized birthday party for Javin on the 10th at Sunnyside Park - it was super fun. Even the big boys had fun until Mags threw the Frisbee on top of the pavilion roof and had to go chase it. (Troy, Jaron, Vince, Mags and Josh)
Newlyweds Brit & Mags and nephew Josh (who helped out a TON with the party, thanks Squash!)
Javin waving to Grandpa as we open his gift. My friend Patty on the right and her cute girl Priscilla.
You can kind of see the paper airplanes I used as decor. Clarissa, Vince and Megan in the background - love you guys!
He didn't actually eat any of the cupcake, just the frosting off three of them.
Javin and Ella Dilley (cutest little sweetheart), I think they'll get married one day.
BFF Tara and boyfriend, Kevin. How's the hot dog Tara?
Ladies from my old ward, Cheryl and Kristi. When the Pull-String Pinata didn't work Kristi had a bat in her car that we used. You could tell her little boy, Alex, had some practice with a bat - he was good! Tanner and Nani were more than willing to be the first at the 'Pin the Propeller on the Plane', Tanner got it REALLY close too.
The Wrathall family, little Clara in yellow and Marian on the right in pink. Priscilla again on the left.
Opening gifts. Javin still needs help staying on task, once he opens one he just wants to play with it.
The Hardcastles and their daughter, Lia, who started out shy, but warmed right up once the candy was on the ground from the pinata.
I had a great time, sorry I didn't get more pictures of more people - I was trying to direct the party. We had a great turn out, the hot dogs and brats were delicious, the frosting on the cupcakes melted a little, but were still yummy. The games were great and the friends were in good supply. Thanks to all those that came to celebrate Javin turning 2 :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School.

Today is Mr. Robbins' official first day of the MBA program (last week's orientation didn't count, even though it was school). Advice: Be nice to the other kids and make good choices. You're going to do so good my love!

Thanks for overloading yourself for us.

I'll see you on Friday darling,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Fun

Javin in his wagon.

Mr. Robbins and Javin at the Drive-In.

Heels and cheese!
Patriotic Box Man

so cal wedding

My niece, Britney and her fiance 'Mags', Mr. Robbins and myself at their pre-wedding dinner - the Spaghetti Factory is yummy.

They got married the first weekend in July and we have another wedding to attend in Cali at the end of July. We weren't sure that we wanted to take out 2 year-old on 2 10+ hour road trips in 1 month so Grandpa was kind enough to watch the little monster for us. We had such a relaxing time, it was great! We stayed at a friend's parent's home, it was perfect and they were SO nice! Thanks Johnsons!! We made it to La Jolla (San Diego Temple), without incident :)

Me, Ma and Pa waiting.
Me, Hollis (Mother of the Bride & my sister), Britney (Niece) and Sariah (my sister).
Me and Brit :)

(L-R) Josh (nephew), Stead (Brother-in-law) and Mr. Robbins - attempting to surf.

Umm..surfing is hard, but look at how studly it makes this man?! (and he's all mine ladies)