Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Santa Cruz

Yep, that's me, in a bikini. I felt like a whale and everyone was staring at me. But whatev. Jaron didn't mind walking next to me so I figured I didn't look THAT bad.
Scott & Jaron being manly on the beach.
The boogie boarding was much more successful this time around, mostly.

He's so happy!

San Fran


We didn't have enough time to go to both the beach and Chinatown so we went to the beach. If you couldn't tell, it was cold and windy. The 'natives' were walking around in hoodies and jackets, staring at the crazy tourists in their swimsuits.

Jaron, Brooke & Carly were the only ones brave enough to enter the frigid waters. Hypothermia just doesn't sound like too much fun, especially on vacation. The girls were brave enough to get in up to their knees. You can tell they hadn't been in the water yet, they were still smiling.

Poor little Jaron got rocked by the water. While boogie boarding he got pulled under and drug on the bottom, twice. His back was a little bloody, by the second time he was done. We cleaned him up and were on our way.

On our way back to Citrus Heights we stopped off at the Jelly Belly Factory. For FUN! Jaron says his favorite part was "The jelly beans". My favorite was the little spoon things that the workers had, they would walk around a dish out a single bean to the people in line. They were the coolest little spoons, I want one! Its official, Jaron has a favorite Jelly Belly, Pink Grapefruit. We like the fruits, mine is still Juicy Pear.

They had a fun snack bar, everything was in the shape of a bean. Carly got some mango ice cream and shared with the fam, it was really yummy.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Road Trip to Cali 2009

On Monday, July 6th Darrell, Kristin, Scott, Brooke, Carly, Jaron and I piled into 2 cars and drove the 10-12 hours from Salt Lake to Citrus Heights, CA. Luckily, we left at night so I slept (tried to sleep) most of the way. Its such a good thing that Jaron is the BEST night driver ever, because once dusk comes I pass out. By the time we got there my toes were so swollen they looked like little grapes, thank goodness I took my rings off before we left.

Here's a fun bridge we drove across.

Uncle Dee & Aunt Laurie were kind enough to let us invade their home and eat their food for the week. THANKS DEE & LAURIE!!

While in Cali we visited Grandma Donna Robbins' & Uncle Douglas' grave, went to an Aerospace museum, visited with Uncle David & Aunt Claudia and their girls Kendra, Sara, Kristina & Jenna and their families. I didn't have my camera with me, but we had a great BBQ at Kendra's and the cousins got Javin some really cute clothes - Thanks Ladies!! By the way, Kendra's house is AMAZING!