Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Lights and Good Friends

Blake and Jessica came up to look at the lights at Temple Square, can you believe Jess hasn't ever seen them?! Javin and I were SO excited to get out of the house, we don't really have any friends in our new neighborhood.

The family

Blake and Jess by the asian-like nativity

The temple, YAY!

Then we tried to find a restaurant in Salt Lake that was open at 9:00pm on a Thursday night - its like impossible. We finally found a place and met Curtis and Ash there, we all had yummy calzones. Good friends and good food, super fun!

Has it been four years already?

On December 15 Mr. Robbins and I celebrated 4 great years of marriage. Don't get me wrong, they've been A LOT of hard work and some moments weren't so great, but I feel like we're finally getting to understand each other. I've heard it said, "If your marriage can survive home improvement it can survive anything." And we're putting it to the test.
Mr. Robbins took the day off on Wednesday and my BFF, Tara, came over to watch Javin so we could go up to Solitude. It was a lovely day. I hadn't been snowboarding in 2 years so I was a little nervous, but I think I did great :) But boy was it cold!
Here we are on the lift, it was nice to sit together and cuddle. We don't get to sit together very often with one of us always chasing Javin around.

We got back it the truck and took some funny face pictures. I don't think I have one group of pictures without Mr. Robbins making a face, not even our wedding pictures.

Ahhh! I love you dear! Despite all the arguments and your ever-present attitude, I love you for moments like these. Happy Anniversary.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Did you know that raisins turn into grapes?!

I didn't miss speak and I have proof that raisins turn into grapes. Last week Javin had a few too many raisins one day and this is how they came out :) EWWW!!

Warning: You may not want to see this, but its really funny so might just want to peek.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Awww...Saturday Mornings

Today is the only day I get to sleep in and be with Javin in the AM, I love it!
Mr. Robbins went snowboarding this morning so I brought Javin in bed with me when he woke up...

we had SO much fun :) Tickles are the BEST!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New New New

This morning we got new carpet on the 647 side, and its beautiful! Tara and I have been painting that side FOREVER and I finally got done enough to feel comfortable putting carpet down. That little orange spot is all that was left of the original living room color - gross I know!

You can't really tell, but its a lovely Chocolate Milk color now. I'm a little perplexed on what to do with these windows though, any ideas?

This will be our bedroom until we get the upstairs finished, so for a while :) Grey and navy, can't beat 'em!

Handsome Mr. Robbins acting out for the picture, he can't ever be serious.

Javin in his new room, on the new carpet in front of the wall Mr. Robbins has yet to finish. Someday my house will be finished, someday.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

50 Free Holiday Cards

Each year around this time I print tons of the same picture at Walmart (wading through the lines of people who don't know how to use the machines), spend hours picking out the perfect paper and embellishments, get at least 5 cardstock paper cuts, waste hours getting the layout just perfect and spend more money than if I just bought the stinkin' Christmas cards. I don't have the luxury of time this year - moving, painting, 1 year-old boy, just for a start. This year I'm starting early and hopefully getting them out prior to 3 days before Christmas.

I found some REALLY cute cards on, and super cheap - less than $1

Take a look at these cute cute Christmas/Holiday cards here. I love the orange/green mod, the 12 baby faces are 1 for each month and the close up of the baby face has gold glitter 'Peace'. LOVE THEM!!

Some people like to give personalized calendars for Christmas presents (I LOVE calendars!) and I think its a great idea. If I had more pictures I'd do it myself - maybe next year :) Here are some fun ideas.

Another perfect Christmas idea is a picture book, I have a few of my own. Its a wonderful way to store and look at pictures, because let's be honest, we all have files upon files of pictures that we never look at. Take a look here.

To find out how to get 50 free cards go here.

Good luck and good picture hunting :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

I think Free is my favorite word :)

I went HERE and got 1 free 8x10 and 1 11x14 ($9.99). You should go check it out. I just got mine today!!

Cheap Christmas gifts for your family!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Murder Mystery

Annie and I tried our hands at a Murder Mystery Halloween party. I think it went well, the food was ABSOLUTELY delicious! And the costumes were FUN! I made out family 'German' costumes for Halloween and Jaron's character for the party was Long John Silver - so I made him an eye patch. He'd say things like, "Arrrg! Mi Liderhosen tis fallin!" He's such a good time!

Here are our costumes - thanks mom for the help on my sleeves :) Tony was Sherlock Holmes - he did wonderfully!

Teresa (Rapunzel) and Noelle (Tink) - cutest princesses over 10 years old :)

Halloween Party #1

Rino and Geena Williams were rad enough to host their own Halloween party and invite us :) YAY! Geena made the most yummy Alfredo with Artichokes, of course I got the recipe.

We had a pumpkin painting contest and here are the contestants. (Our 'apple' didn't win, but I thought it was creative). The cracked-out Sponge Bob and the black with white ones won.

I'm not very good at taking unposed pictures.
Rino's mom was GREAT with Javin! He absolutely adored her, maybe it was all the candy and treats she fed him - that's what Grandmas do :) HAHA. Can you see Maddy in the background? Looking longingly? I think he needs a baby, just sayin'.
He looks like Santa
We won best costume, YAY! And Javin is wearing one of the prizes. Just a little big.

Spaghetti Night and a Perfectly Placed Apple

As you can tell, we like Spaghetti

and the camera.

and apples :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Holiday Pictures

My friend Noelle was nice enough to take time out of her Saturday to come take pictures of my little family for the holidays. This is how it went:

Javin wasn't happy unless he was doing what he wanted and that didn't include taking pictures or holding hands. Thanks again Noelle, you did wonderfully!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

APX Nitro Circus

Thanks to the Dilley's, Jaron, Javin and I got to go to the little event that APX was putting on for their employees. That's right! Nitro Circus - aka Travis Pastrana's crew. Other than 1/2 of Utah being there and not finding a seat it was AWESOME.

They jumped out of a helicopter and skydived into the 'stadium' (a football field with dirt on it).

Javin, Jaron and I - Javin was some what less than impressed and I look creepy (I can NEVER self-portrait well).

Major air!

It was really awesome, thanks again for thinking of us Vicente!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Too quiet for too long...

This is what is happening when he's too quiet for too long...

That's right - peaches. My mom brought us some peaches from her trees so I put them on the table. Bad idea. He pulled the table runner down until the peaches were within reaching distance.

But how can you be mad at this cute little face?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Enough August already...

August has been SO full, along with Jaron's birthday (11th) pretty much the rest of my family has birthdays in August: Ashley, niece (7th) Jenni, sister (13th) Brigham, brother (17th). Javin's is on September 1st, so it might as well be in August. See picture below, if you forget who Javin is (I know its been a while, I'm a terrible blogger).

Javin with one of his many girlfriends, Aurora Lewis, they're sharing a twilight swing (how romantic).

My best friend ever, Tara, just so happens to have some free time on her hands and likes to spend it with Javin and I. So, we took a hike up Donut Falls. It was GREAT and I really enjoyed myself, there's nothing like being outdoors with people who love you.

And last, but not least....we bought a duplex!! This lovely 1897 model comes complete with a non-insulated attic, a small pipe leak in the bathroom followed by a BIG pipe leak in the kitchen, a crumbling addition that the Historical Society won't let us tear down yet, creaky floors, a dungeon and Ronald McDonald paint. What have we gotten ourselves into?!! EKKK!!
But YAY! We're homeowners and have to be out of our apartment by the 26th.