Monday, October 18, 2010

Holiday Pictures

My friend Noelle was nice enough to take time out of her Saturday to come take pictures of my little family for the holidays. This is how it went:

Javin wasn't happy unless he was doing what he wanted and that didn't include taking pictures or holding hands. Thanks again Noelle, you did wonderfully!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

APX Nitro Circus

Thanks to the Dilley's, Jaron, Javin and I got to go to the little event that APX was putting on for their employees. That's right! Nitro Circus - aka Travis Pastrana's crew. Other than 1/2 of Utah being there and not finding a seat it was AWESOME.

They jumped out of a helicopter and skydived into the 'stadium' (a football field with dirt on it).

Javin, Jaron and I - Javin was some what less than impressed and I look creepy (I can NEVER self-portrait well).

Major air!

It was really awesome, thanks again for thinking of us Vicente!