Saturday, February 23, 2013

Y week

Library day! Got a late start, but still had enough time for the library - YAY!

We read: Star Wars ABC by Scholastic (Javin's pic, he LOVED it and Yoda was in it!)
Sometimes Y by Mary Salzmann
Yum! The Sound of Y by Alice Flanagan
Yesterday and the Letter Y by Cynthia Klingel
It's Y! by Oona Gaarder-Juntti
Yana and Yosef by Pam Scheunemann

We had a doctor's appointment in the morning, by the time it was over we were hungry, sooo hungry we couldn't wait to eat. We stopped at Village Inn and had a wonderful brunch, just Javin and me. We brought some books to read while we waited. **If you have a slow eater or even a non-eater who likes books, bribe them! For every bite, you'll read another page - it works!** Also during brunch, we tried to find things that started with Y. I found the Yoke of my egg and Javin found a Yellow light (that was really orange).

We also tried to say, "Yes!", as much as possible all day. It was surprisingly really fun.

We read: Yes by Jez Alborough
Yes, Please! No, Thank you! by Valerie Wheeler
Oh Yeah! by Tom Birdseye (LOVED)
Yes We Can! by Sam McBratney (LOVED)
Yes Day! by Amy Rosenthal
Yes, No, Maybe So by Charise Harper (LOVED)

We ran a TON of errands all day, while we were out I was hoping to grab Mr. Robbins from work for a lunch appointment at Zupas. But that didn't happen, so Javin and I went anyway (he and I are eating out A LOT). After Zupas I sent Mr. Robbins this pic of what he missed, Javin all sugared up on fruit punch and me out of my pjs, makeup and hair done (hardly happens mid-week).

Javin has called Yellow "Lellow" since he started speaking. Try as I might, I've never been able to convince him that its Yellow, with a Y. During W week I got him to read the word Wall-e and say it right so I had hopes for Y week and Yellow. I had him read it all day and we discussed ANY and EVERYTHING that was Yellow. No luck today, hopefully by the end of the week he'll get it.
We got to hang out with Mr. Robbins a little later anyway. I got some tickets to the Grizzlies HockeY game through my work, Javin's first hockeY game! He loved it, mostly he loved the big foam finger and the bear that was running around.
Now when you say, "Number 1!", he'll  point his index finger skyward, even without the foam finger.
The bear was doing the rounds and didn't quite make it up to us, so Javin Yelled at him for about 5 minutes, something like, "Hey, you, bear! Get over here!". Finally, we had to chase down the bear so Javin could see him and give him a high-five and bones. **Side Note: Its amazing the power of a costume. Javin would NEVER approach a stranger under normal circumstances, but a stranger in a bear costume is TOTALLY fine.
We read: Yellow Bird, Black Spider by Dosh and Mike Archer (LOVED)
The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger
Yellow Blues by Sean L. Moore
Red & Yellow's Noisy Night by Josh Selig

Since it was Valentine's Day and we talked about You a lot, with all the "I love You"s and such. I got Javin his very own heart shaped box of chocolates (mostly because I didn't want to share mine), his own special Valentine.
We read: Yucka Drucka Droni by Eugenia Radunsky (WEIRD)
Why Do You Cry? by Kate Klise
Look at You! by Kathy Henderson
I Love You Dude by V. Radunsky (Also WEIRD)

I've mostly decided to do the Thelma & Louise Half Marathon in Moab, this June. I say mostly because I haven't paid for it yet, but I've begun training. I've never even run a 5k in practice or in a real race, so I'm not quite sure how my body will react. Today was the first day of training, and it went pretty well. I didn't get to finish the whole run (another time commitment), but I ran 3.5 miles and I was sweating like a pig.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

X Week

Library day! The ONLY words I could think of that start with X are X-ray and Xylophone (which doesn't really count because it makes a Z sound). So, I made an eXecutive decision to include words that have X anywhere in them. Best decision of the week! We didn't go straight home after the library, I had to stop off at Walmart to get some stuff, so we ate McD's since we were there. I brought some books in and we read while we ate, it was awesome! And we found an X word at lunch, boX!
We read: Alex and Max by Mary Salzmann
My X Words by Sharon Coan
A Fox: The Sound of X by Alice Flanagan
Alex and the Box Shop by Cecilia Minden
It's X! by Katherine Hengel (LOVED)

Super eXciting day! We were suppose to have a nice leisurely day talking about foXes and maybe doing some eXploring, but instead we cleaned up the "water" coming back up the sewage drain pipe in our/Tara's backroom. I say "water" because it was MOSTLY water and I don't have any real evidence that there was anything eXcremental in it, but it smelled gross, that's enough for me. I've convinced myself its Poop water. Tara and I spent the morning, well into the afternoon diverting "water" flow, wet-vaccing rising water and cleaning carpets - then I did my side (which was considerably worse, Tara caught the flood early). After the majority of the clean up was done I moved on to the task of finding a local, affordable plumber. Luckily we found Dan the Drain Champ, he was amazing at doing the plumber thing.

We read: Dinosaurs by Simms Taback (there is a T-ReX)

I meet my friend at my gym and we did a free spinning class while Javin eXercised in the kid's club. After I picked him up I had him fleX his strong muscles for me. On our way home we talked about muscles and bones and how a picture of  bones is called an X-ray. We even made our own 'X-ray' (skeleton), don't judge my artistic ability - I know the arms are attached to the rib cage and the legs are shorter than the arms.

We read: Hospital by Jess Stockham
and I tried to read: A if for Musk Ox by Erin Cabatingan (I thought it was good, but Javin wasn't in a patient mood).

Javin's friends, Luke and Stanley, came over and played for hours - its SO nice to have Javin play in his room and not have to worry because he's being too quiet. After they left we have some lunch, PB and Js with celery and carrots in the shape of X's.

Mr. Robbins had to take over for bedtime because I had to complete 3 hours of mandatory overtime at work. They read: Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss
My Six Book by Jame Moncure
Fox Tale Soup by Tony Bonning
Aesop's Fox by Aki Sogabe
Little Fox Goes to the End of the World by Ann Tompert

I woke up at 4:30 am to go sit by the Porcelain God for about a hour. Being ill is eXhausting: chills, dry heaving, doubled over in pain, fever. Not sure if it was something I ate or something someone breathed on me. Regardless, it was a couch day. Until Javin and I made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies for the YW Girls Camp fundraiser (I didn't breathe on them, just in case). Javin actually did most of it. He poured the boX of cake miX into the miXer, I put the can of pumpkin in and he poured in the chocolate chips. Then I had to go to work AND do the rest of my overtime :)

Javin has started sounding out words on his own, he sounded out Fff Ooo Xxx all by himself today!

We read:
Thesaurus Rex by Laya Steinberg
Outfoxing the Fox by Friederike Rave
Fox by Kate Banks
Hello, Red Fox by Eric Carle

Sunday, February 3, 2013

W Week

Fail. We didn't even venture out of the house. Last snow storm I got my car stuck 3 times getting in and out of my driveway, no way was I trying to leave by myself. On Sunday evening I knew Monday was going to be an inside day. We did talk about the new letter of the Week, W! Gram came over for a minute (while I went to work and Mr. Robbins was on his way home), they Watched Wall-e. He LOVES that movie, his favorite undies are Wall-e. Javin has always called it "lolly", but since it was W Week and we were focusing on the sound, he recognized the W at the beginning of the word and he realized he wasn't saying it right. I was amazed! I've been telling him its Wwwwaaall-e for years, he just needed to read it for himself.

After work I found it appropriate to discuss Winter with Javin, since we've been sledding and playing in the snow so much. As homeowners we get to shovel our sidewalk within a few hours after each storm or run the risk of being ticketed. And since the city blessed us with not only a front sidewalk, but a side sidewalk too its twice three times the work (the side sidewalk is LONG). If I shovel it myself, I'm wiped for the rest of the day, luckily I've only had to shovel it alone once. This week has been great though. We all donned our layers and trudged out into the quiet night and got to work, even Javin. Mr. Robbins gave him a hoe (the lightest semi-shovel we have) and he 'shoveled' away.

After all the shoveling Mr. Robbins still wasn't done with the elements, so we had a mini snowball fight, made several snow angels and a My Sized Snowman for Javin.

We made it out of the driveway and got to the library, YAY! On our way to the library it was snowing and Javin said, "Mom! It's snowing, it's a White Christmas!". So random, but it made me laugh. I made some lunches and after we got books we sat by the big Windows at the library and Watched the Windy Winter Weather. While reading: Stormy Weather by Debi Gliori
Winter Is by Ann Dixon
My "W" Sound Box by Jane Moncure (great)
Snowy, Blowy Winter by Bob Raczka.
Next we went to Walmart, got the essentials (Tuesday afternoon at Walmart wasn't too bad) and headed home.

After YW we got ready for bed and read: Smash Trash! by Laura Driscoll (WALL-E)
There's a Wocket in my Pocket! by Dr. Seuss
Where's Walrus by Stephen Savage
The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins
Wormy Worm by Chris Raschka
Worm Gets a Job by Kathy Caple
Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin

We talked about the days of the Week, I don't think he gets it yet, but maybe soon.

We read: What Happens on Wednesdays by Emily Jenkins
The Wednesday Surprise by Eve Bunting
One Windy Wednesday by Phyllis Root

Zoo day! Even though we've been to the zoo weekly since the Summer, Javin was really surprised and upset when we didn't see a Walrus. I can't ever remember a Walrus being at the Hogle Zoo.
Javin was scared of the Wolf, he was just staring at us. While we ate our lunch at home we watched an episode of Wild Kratts, they were teaching about Wolves! He felt more comfortable about the cartoon Wolf pup on the tv than he did the real one at the zoo.

Creepy peacock, giving us the stink-eye.
After the zoo we ate some lunch, read our books and hit the gym. Javin really enjoys his time at the gym, I'm all about the dual functional activities. He plays while I do something for me, in this case, work-it-out. The 'Body Pump' class at the Trolley 24 Hour Fitness was awesome, until I got paged into the kid's club. Javin peed himself, GRRR...second time today. When we got home I had had enough of everything, the attitude, the accidents, the whining, the crying, everything. I bathed him, put him in a diaper and pjs, shoved some food in him and sent him to bed. Very, Very Long day.

**As a side note. Javin has had a dry fake-sounding cough since the beginning of the month. In the beginning I wasn't too worried, as time progressed I set up an appt. with the Pediatrician. She gave us a prescription for Amoxicillin, since I was up at the U already (for the appt) I just drove down the road to the Walmart on Parleys Way. Oh My! The nicest, calmest, cleanest Walmart I've ever been to. The pharmacist was very pleasant and helpful, great experience. Javin has been taking his meds for a week, cough is reducing and life is good. The pharmacy called me today, I thought it was to advise me of a problem with Javin's medication. But, no. They just called to see how Javin was feeling and see if the Amoxicillin was working on his cough. I almost dropped the phone, Walmart called ME to see how my son's cough was! Pleasantly SHOCKED**

We read: The Runaway Whale by Keith Faulkner
Wolf Won't Bite! by Emily Gravett
Woof! Woof! by David Carter
Little Wolf's Song by Britta Teckentrup (Great)
Wiener Wolf by Jeff Crosby
Red Wolf Country by Jonathan London

We went to Jump Around Utah, ever since I bought a punch card its been more of a temptation. I love that  Javin gets to run and jump and exhaust himself, while I get a break (or catch up on my blog).

This is kind of a weird, gross question for the parents of potty training/trained kids: Do you ever look at the #2 that just came out of your child and wonder if there is anything left in them? Seriously, I don't think Javin eats THAT much, but the poops this kid leaves in the toilet are, in one word, amazing. Javin isn't pushing really hard, so I'm not worried about his health, I just wonder if any other kids have adult sized excrement? I warned, "weird, gross question".

We read: Wiggle by Doreen Cronin
When You Wish Upon a Star by Ned Washington (with DVD)
The Elephant Wish by Lou Berger
A Wish for You by Matt Novak
The Big Wish by Carolyn Conahan