Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If this pic looks familiar its because I put it in our X-mas cards. I don't look so great, but Jaron and Javin looked great - I took one for the team.

This was Jaron's face in most of the pics, he wasn't happy about taking them and he mostly hated every minute of it. If you ask me he just needed to take a 'Big Boy Pill' and deal with it.

This is my most favorite picture, it would've gone out in the X-mas cards, but I didn't want my closest friends and relatives having a picture of my rear for Christmas. You're welcome!

Seriously, how cute is that kid?!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Fall Colors

Javin started out a little apprehensive, didn't quite know what to think about the wind and knew he didn't like the sun, the leaves weren't a real problem.

He needed something he 'knew', the pappy calmed him down for a bit.

Pretty Blue Eyes

He decided he was done with the outside, too tired.

AWW! Javin & Mom (maybe one day I'll wear makeup again).

Monday, November 2, 2009

Blessing Day

November 1st we had Javin blessed in our Sacrament meeting, but before that we had to bathe him and get him dressed to the nines. We played with him a little too! Jaron was playing with him a little bit and here he's cracking a smile.

This is what I call the 'HUH?!' face.

He doesn't like this yet, but that doesn't stop Jaron.

Jaron's Dad, Darrell, with Javin. What a proud Grandpa!

Sariah, Hol feeding Javin and Me.

Hol with Javin.
Jeremy & Sariah

After the blessing both families congregated in our 2-bedroom apartment, it was a tight squeeze - to say the least. It was such a beautiful day that most of Jaron's fam went outside, you guys are so great! Around the table Scott, Derek, Janice & Brooke. Standing up Kristin, Grandpa & Grandma Robbins & Doug.

Grandma Dixie, Josh & Alex (nephews) and my Pa.

Bye Grandpa Valdez

On Halloween he made a rode trip up to Idaho for Grandpa Valdez's funeral, he had had his second heart attack just a month earlier and hasn't been in good health for some time now. Thanks goodness for the patience of Grandma Ester, who put up with his stubbornness daily or he wouldn't of lasted this long.

Jaron and Scott were pallbearers.

The Color guard was present, Grandpa was in the Marines and served in two wars, there was a 21 gun salute and a trumpeter played the do-da-doo, do-da-doooo song (you know the one).

Luckily, we had just visited Grandpa about 2 weeks before he passed, on your way back from Yellowstone. He got to see his first Great Grandson.

They had about the same amount of hair and almost twinner shirts.

Jaron, Kristin, Carly, Grandpa Valdez, Brooke and Scott

Jaron, Me, Javin and Grandpa

Grandpa, Javin and Jaron (Javin was DONE with pictures)


Big yawn for our little pea in a pod!

The Huntsmans - a mouse, a cat & a hot dog. Danielle won cutest kid costume!

We got Javin's costume a few weeks ago, so we decided to be farmers to go along with our pea pod. I had the brilliant idea to go as the farmers in the American Gothic painting. Jaron didn't want to carry a pitchfork around with him all night so I gave him a garden claw.

The Thatchers were a Black Widow and her prey, they won most original (I think).

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yellolwstone III

Jaron with a herd

Little Javin, snoozing.

Up close and personal with the wildlife

This one was charging us, seriously. Jaron had to turn off the engine.

Big fuzzy

Even bigger fuzzy

Yellolwstone II

My boys

Our first buffalo

Cute little fuzzy

We are bad parents, we left the baby in the car while we took this picture - he was sleeping in his car seat anyway.

Another family photo op! Javin in his carrier, he's barely big enough to see over the flap.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two Months, I can't believe it!

Javin's first snow - he didn't like the cold wind.

He was dancing

And smiling!

Javin and his friend, Ella Dilley, crying in their carseats. Cute babies!