Thursday, April 30, 2009

OK, OK! Fat pictures!

Nini, these pictures are for you!!

Not that most notice, but along with the growth of my belly has come the development of boobs. I never thought it possible, I have boobs! It doesn't really matter to me that much, but Jaron seems to be amazed everyday.

Here I am, 21 weeks along and you can tell. My last pair of fattest normal jeans won't button by themselves anymore, I have to use a hairband to keep all my jeans up now. Sad day.

I think we've finally decided on a name and a spelling: Javin Edward Robbins.

Ladies Weekend

The weekend before finals is usually a very stressful one and I mostly hate me life for two weeks, starting then. This semester was different though. The 900 Court Crew Ladies had a Weekend all to ourselves and it was wonderful! The only male invited was in my tummy and he didn't give us much grief. We started our evening with a drive to Park City Pizza - delish! Then to a cabin up the hill. There was caramel popcorn, fresh baked bread, E.L. Fudge double stuffed cookies, Grasshopper cookies, chips and salsa, etc. YUM!

Then when we were full we managed to get into our swimsuits and took a little dip, I felt a bit whale-like in my bikini. We made our way into the hot tub, I only put my legs in. We HAD to all dress in these snazzy robes and take LOADS of pictures. From left to right: Teresa, Kristen, Annie, Meghan and myself.

Once we were all beautiful in the morning we had to take another one!! Teresa, Me, Annie, Meghan and Kristen. I had SO much fun and it was SO relaxing. When I got home I found out that Jaron took advantage of me not being home, by staying up (he still won't tell me how early) and playing Xbox, my favorite. As a result of not getting enough sleep this weekend, he's been a bear all week - love it!

Baby Blessing

NO, I haven't had the baby. This is a picture of me with my cute nephew, Alex. He was a bit early and very same, but adorable all the same. Jaron and I got to watch his 5 year old sister, Sabrina, while their parents went to a work party.

He was blessed on the 18th of April by his dad, Jeremy. It was a great blessing too! Its been so wonderful to watch their little family grew in size and faith. Sariah is such a good mom too! I've seen her make the transition from my sister, Sariah, to a mom.

These are just a few of the family members: Beth Anne Service (sister by name, which can be stronger than blood), Sariah Perkins, Hollis Steadman and Me (Lauren Robbins). Hol and I have the 'ball' heads of the family, you can really tell now that we both have our bangs shorter.

Baby Quilt

My mom and I went to the fabric store to get some fabric for receiving blankets. My mom is fantastic and has a stitch on her sewing machine that makes crochet hook holes around the edges of the blankets.

We found some good fabrics AND some AWESOME fabric for an adorable quilt. Since I have my own sewing machine, I did the 'hard' work (sewing all the 12x12 squares together) and now my mom has the backing, batting and satin binding. I'm SO excited to see the finished product!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hawaii Part IV

Jaron and Mr. T, chillin'. We had so much fun playing with our new friend. I think he was getting bugged by the end.

Jaron and Travis being manly in their snorkel and goggles, HOT STUFF!

Along with Mr. T, Teresa found a cute little crab. He was actually pretty big and not too playful.

We also found a Helmet Sea Urchin, he just sat there and didn't move. He had a real strong grip on that rock, we tried to get him off, but it was a no go.

Beautiful!! Wish you were here! It was so peaceful! I want to go back!

Hawaii Part III

Stops on our way to the North Shore:

This is what the boys wanted to do the whole time. The waves don't look THAT big, but they were. Teresa and I were taken out a couple of times and both our swimsuit tops were 'displaced' momentarily. Jaron on the yellow board, Travis on the orange, they had SO much fun. This was the first beach we stopped at, I think it was Waimea Bay Beach.

The boys thought that since they had so much fun mastering the waves, they could totally take on the Banzai Pipeline. Yeah right! They pansied out once it came down to it, they waves were really big and the rocks weren't hidden at all.

Just off the beach was this board, so we had a little fun.

FINALLY, SEA TURTLE! Teresa and I named him Mr. T. We was so cute and kind of stuck in shallow water so we got to take as many pictures as we wanted and he couldn't do anything about it, he just sat there and ate the green mossy stuff anyway.

Check it out!! I'm so proud of my photographic abilities! Close up of Mr. T coming up for a breath, he was quick too.