Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sleepy Head

Javin has really strong legs for a 4 month old and LOVES to jump. I equally LOVE his jumper because it saves my arms from holding him while jumping and my stomach from being jumped on.

Normally he goes about 30-40 minutes before he tires of jumping and wants OUT, NOW! But this day he never started screaming, he just went quiet. Upon investigation I found this:

For some reason only one of his arms stays up, the other one he puts through the leg hole. Weird kid!

Throw Up

Yes, the title says it all...if you don't handle baby puke well, I suggest you go no further.

Jaron was feeding Javin his 8:00 pm bottle and we heard a BIG rumble in the diaper area, which is normally ok, but means that it needed prompt attention. Jaron was kind enough to change him and bring him back to finish up his bottle.

As Jaron is resetting him in his bouncer, I hear this "ah, ahh, blahhh" from Javin and an, "OH MY GOSH! GROSS!" from Jaron. He had thrown up what looked like to be his entire bottle all over himself and his bouncer - curdled formula everywhere!