Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Fun

Javin in his wagon.

Mr. Robbins and Javin at the Drive-In.

Heels and cheese!
Patriotic Box Man

so cal wedding

My niece, Britney and her fiance 'Mags', Mr. Robbins and myself at their pre-wedding dinner - the Spaghetti Factory is yummy.

They got married the first weekend in July and we have another wedding to attend in Cali at the end of July. We weren't sure that we wanted to take out 2 year-old on 2 10+ hour road trips in 1 month so Grandpa was kind enough to watch the little monster for us. We had such a relaxing time, it was great! We stayed at a friend's parent's home, it was perfect and they were SO nice! Thanks Johnsons!! We made it to La Jolla (San Diego Temple), without incident :)

Me, Ma and Pa waiting.
Me, Hollis (Mother of the Bride & my sister), Britney (Niece) and Sariah (my sister).
Me and Brit :)

(L-R) Josh (nephew), Stead (Brother-in-law) and Mr. Robbins - attempting to surf.

Umm..surfing is hard, but look at how studly it makes this man?! (and he's all mine ladies)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Livingstons

The Livingstons moved into our ward at the end of last year, and the ward put Lindsay right to work as the Young Women's President. Somewhere in me she say some potential and put me in as her counselor, and life was good. Then their family decided they needed one more room for a possible addition, so they moved to Lehi and life wasn't as good anymore.

But now Javin and I get to go see Lindsay and Daisy at this really cool pool in Lehi, they have SO much fun in the water :)

Here's Daisy posing.

Javin, cheesing it up!
Lindsay and Daisy on the little slide.
Javin and I on the big slide.
I think we went down about 6 or 7 times, he kept running back to it.

Heber Valley Girl's Camp

A couple weeks ago I got to go with my young women to Girl's Camp. This was no ordinary girl's camp though, this was Heber Valley Girl's Camp. That means: Cabins, flushing toilets, warm showers, a cook, etc. It was amazing! And I must say, my Stake has some of the most awesome girls in it - I loved hanging out with them all :)

We're gonna miss you Lindsay, Lehi is now THAT much better.