Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yellolwstone III

Jaron with a herd

Little Javin, snoozing.

Up close and personal with the wildlife

This one was charging us, seriously. Jaron had to turn off the engine.

Big fuzzy

Even bigger fuzzy

Yellolwstone II

My boys

Our first buffalo

Cute little fuzzy

We are bad parents, we left the baby in the car while we took this picture - he was sleeping in his car seat anyway.

Another family photo op! Javin in his carrier, he's barely big enough to see over the flap.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two Months, I can't believe it!

Javin's first snow - he didn't like the cold wind.

He was dancing

And smiling!

Javin and his friend, Ella Dilley, crying in their carseats. Cute babies!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yellolwstone I

We took Fall break off and headed up to Yellowstone. WAY FUN! The last time Jaron was there was when he was 10 and I last went with Tara and my fam when I was 15. I only remembered the smell and the buffalo and Jaron only remembered the little 'pot guts' that played under the boardwalks. We stayed just outside the West Entrance in a hotel (King sized bed!!) Javin had a hard time sleeping so we brought him in bed with us and he managed to turn sideways - bed hog. It was really hard to come back to our little bed after being in a king, sad face.

It wasn't too cold, but it was rainy so we layered Javin. He looks so cute in his blue camo hoodie.

All the hot springs and mud pots were extra steamy because it was cooler outside.

Family Photo Op! I carried Javin in the sling that my mom made - Thanks Mom!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Five Weeks Old

Cute little Monkey bum, he actually loves being on his belly

Sad boy

Every once in a while he'll find his fingers and he'll go to town!

This is the CUTEST face ever, just look at that pout!

Jaron put Javin in his vest, funny.

September 16th

My birthday started as any other day, bright and early with a 4:00 am feeding, then a little more conscious at the 8:00 am feeding, but not by much. Surprisingly to my sleepy eyes I found these waiting for me from my handsome hubby.

I told Jaron the only thing I wanted was a diaper bag, I hadn't gotten one before Javin came. I wanted a special one too. We picked an ADORABLE Petunia Pickle Bottom off ebay, I knew it was coming so I was uber excited!

It took all my strength, but I waited for Jaron to get home to open it. I LOVE my bag!

We gave Javin a bath so his pitties wouldn't be stinky for a fancy birthday dinner. We documented his nakedness, big belly.

Jaron took us out to Tucanos in the Gateway Mall. The waiter made me stand up on a chair and shake it while they sang - How embarrassing! (I think I look pretty good for having a baby 15 day earlier.) You can see Mike in the bottom left corner.

My most favorite ladies: Myself (of course), Tara, Teresa, Meghan with little Danielle, and Annie in spirit (she had to work). It was Teresa's birthday on the 1st, so she and I got free dinners (pretty much the ONLY way we could afford to go). The girls got me a gift certificate to Sky Nails to get a Mani/Pedi (LOVE IT!!), the Thibs got me a gift cert to Cold Stone - Ice Cream is ALWAYS an appropriate gift and Tara took us out to pamper ourselves at Breathe Day Spa, it was great! I have such great friends, I love them!