Monday, February 1, 2010

6 months and counting...

Javin Edward Robbins


The Swifties, The Greens, The Thibs & The Allreds; but especially Travis & AJ, sometimes I think he likes Travis more than me.

Playing with Daddy & sucking on our fuzzy throw blanket from Kristin & Brandon
His monkey from Gram (somehow he wiggled out of his bouncer)
Playing Airplane

Food, specifically rice cereal and veggies. He didn't like pears last night.

His fingers and toes
His Jumperoo

Playing with Daddy's face & curly hair
He also, still loves bath time and the Kangaroo that plays Peek-a-boo on his Baby Einstein DVD. He also just discovered his tongue and stuck it out @ Travis & Annie for about 15 minutes straight last night - He's a ham.
He is such a good sleeper and is so happy when he wakes up, I'm so lucky to have such a fantastically good baby. I love you Javin!