Tuesday, March 11, 2008

WOW! A real blog!

So, I just felt the urge to get our lives on the internet and share them with everyone. Plus, I stink at updating my 'my space'.

Right now Jaron is working full-time and looking forward to an 18 credit hour summer. He's fixing up his 1982 Honda Magna motorcycle that is his most prized possession at the moment and trying to figure out how we can make it down to St. George on it some time during Spring Break (I don't think it'll happen, but we'll see). This is Jaron on his 'learner bike', work it, work it!

I'm going to school and working 30 hrs a week at my sister's company, Steadman Enterprises. That's enough for right now, I'm sure that you'll get a lot more info. about me then you really want.

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