Thursday, April 17, 2008

THE Daniel Tosh Experience

For those of you who watch Comedy Central religiously you MUST know of Daniel Tosh. For those of you who don't you should YOUTUBE his name along with the word 'waverunner'. HILARIOUS!!

Jaron has liked Mr. Tosh since we first saw him on tv and as I was surfing the net one day I stumbled across his touring dates. What!? The University of Utah on the 11th of April!? The only trick would be keeping it a secret for a few days. I had to involve a few friends, which included some risk that my plan would be exposed, but none of our our friends blew it! I thought we were home free until we show up at my friend, Kim's house party. Our hubbys met and Kim's hubby didn't know it was a surprise and said,"So you're going to a comedy show after this?". NNOOOOOO! Ruined, all my hard work, ruined.

It turned out great though, Jaron was real surprised when he found out and that was the point. We got there at 9:40, the doors opened at 10:15 and we got fantastic seats (close, but not close enough for him to pick on us).

My abs were sore the next day, that's how funny he was. We got pictures with him afterward and it was a good ending to a crazy week.

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ba and the boys said...

sneaky sneaky! he owes you!