Thursday, January 1, 2009


OK! So, I know I haven't done a thing in about a month, sorry to all my faithful followers. You should be on overload after these next two blogs.

The after Thanksgiving Day sale (Black Friday) usually renders good deals, but in our case there was one GREAT DEAL! Sears was blowing out these Panasonic 42" Plasma TV for cheap, so we snagged one. We got in home before Christmas, but that was our Christmas. We got each other little stuff, but a TV that's inexpensive really isn't cheap.

Here are Jaron and I loving the box that contains the most expensive thing we own, except our cars, but not by much.

Before Christmas I took it upon myself to make us some stockings. We each picked out our favorite fabric and I went crazy from there. It progressed into a big project including: fleece, fringe and a lot of patience. Jaron's is on the left (Army camo with green fleece inside and black fringe that Jaron wasn't too happy about) and mine on the right (brown with blue pokadots, blue fleece interior and blue accent fringe). I had lots of fun making them and experimenting since I didn't have a pattern.

Christmas morning!! Us in our pjs and our cute little space-saving tree (we got it from Jaron's sister, Kristin two years ago). As you might notice our new TV is in the background with a big bow. We've already watched a ton of TV in one month, including a cute old Christmas claymation called Rudolph that my sister, Beth Anne, got for me for my birthday. Thanks BA!

To see how the rest of Christmas was see the Christmas blog.

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ba and the boys said...

we had that same tree when we were apartment dwellers!
i remember when you paid for the tv-im glad it got there. now watch your dvd i got you!