Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hospital Round 2

Before the hospital kicked us out we had Javin circumcised, he was such a little trooper! He hardly cried, I was SO surprised! In fact, he cried harder the night before because we couldn't get him to burp. The doctor's trick, a sugar-induced comma. They put a sugar concentrate on a pacifier and he pretty much went to town. If you look really close you can see the 'sugar face' residue leftover from the ordeal, it makes him look like a sugar addict.

They sent us home with a yellow baby, his bilirubin level was at 14. They don't start treatment until the level is 19, so we just had to keep an eye on him and make sure he didn't get worse. Holly, my sister, gave Javin this little outfit to come home in (precious!).

I love this picture of 'tummy time'. Isn't he the cutest!? Even though he is a little pumpkin-like in color, I love his little bum in the air.

Ok, you can really see the color difference in this picture, other than the fact that I'm butt white, he is pretty fake-baked. We took him back to the hospital to get his blood tested, his bilirubin count had increased to 23 in 5 days. However, they had already discharged us so they had to send us the Primary Children's to be admitted. The hilarious part, we figured we were just getting a test done and we'd be right back - we didn't bring ANYTHING, no diapers, no wipes, no extra outfit, nothing. We are terrible parents.

We had to go through the ER before we could get to a room. By the way, thanks Scottie for helping Jaron give Javin a blessing - it helped me keep a more positive attitude. Having said that, we were in the ER for 4 hours and in that time 7 different people came into the room and asked Jaron and I the same exact set of questions and examined Javin in the same way. For the first five people I was good, I answered the questions and smiled and was nice. Then, they came and drew more blood from my dehydrated baby's heel (after they had drawn the maximum amount for testing purposes), he screamed and screamed and I cried and cried. Not even the sugar pacifier worked. After that I was done, person #6 and #7 told me that they were probably going to have to do a blood transfusion because Javin's levels were so high - even though the previous 5 'doctors' said a few hours under the lights and he'd be fine. I freaked out on '# 7', told her that we weren't going to do the transfusion and gave her all manner of sassiness. We were given a room after that and Javin just chilled under his lights for that night and some of the next day. I loved the glasses and his 'chillin' pose.

He didn't like it when we took him out from under the lights and woke him up to eat, he gave us attitude each time.
They let us go home at 11 pm the next night and the Jaundice hasn't reared its ugly head since. YAY!

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The Seiuli's said...

Bless his heart! I'm so glad they got it under control. He's a cutie!