Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If this pic looks familiar its because I put it in our X-mas cards. I don't look so great, but Jaron and Javin looked great - I took one for the team.

This was Jaron's face in most of the pics, he wasn't happy about taking them and he mostly hated every minute of it. If you ask me he just needed to take a 'Big Boy Pill' and deal with it.

This is my most favorite picture, it would've gone out in the X-mas cards, but I didn't want my closest friends and relatives having a picture of my rear for Christmas. You're welcome!

Seriously, how cute is that kid?!


ba and the boys said...

you didnt want us having your butt on our christmas photo but you place it on the web for the world to see??
cute photos lulu! way to man up jaron. get used to it.

The Seiuli's said...


Maples Family!! said...

Those are all super cute pictures! You have such a cute family!