Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Please!!

YUM! I made the best pot of Red Beans & Rice the other night. This was my first attempt and in fact, I don't remember liking it so much as a kid - I'd pick out the meat chunks and eat those, Mmmm...sausage.

Anyway, I had a coupon for Hillshire Sausage so I thought I'd make some. My sister, Hollis, made it sometimes when I was younger and gave me some direction. I soaked the beans over night, then I added Tony's (the a Southern spice), slices of sausage & some chopped up onions I had leftover from making lasagna. I simmered it all for about 4-5 hours until the water got brown and thick from the beans.

The last hour I was suppose to start the rice steamer, but I wasn't home so Jaron made an attempt. He didn't put the water in the right part to boil, so an hour later the rice was still soaking in the 2:1 water to rice ratio. The poor thing, he tries so hard.

Another hour later and the rice was still a little chewy, but the red beans were DELISH! Way yummier than I remember. AND I think its better the next day, heated in the microwave. I'd give you some pictures of it, but it just looks like mush.

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ba and the boys said...

mmmm...there used to be a place at zcmi center that made yummmy red beans and rice. the guy was always drunk but an amazing cook!
holly wasnt ever drunk when she made it (lol) and hers were always good too.