Thursday, August 19, 2010

Enough August already...

August has been SO full, along with Jaron's birthday (11th) pretty much the rest of my family has birthdays in August: Ashley, niece (7th) Jenni, sister (13th) Brigham, brother (17th). Javin's is on September 1st, so it might as well be in August. See picture below, if you forget who Javin is (I know its been a while, I'm a terrible blogger).

Javin with one of his many girlfriends, Aurora Lewis, they're sharing a twilight swing (how romantic).

My best friend ever, Tara, just so happens to have some free time on her hands and likes to spend it with Javin and I. So, we took a hike up Donut Falls. It was GREAT and I really enjoyed myself, there's nothing like being outdoors with people who love you.

And last, but not least....we bought a duplex!! This lovely 1897 model comes complete with a non-insulated attic, a small pipe leak in the bathroom followed by a BIG pipe leak in the kitchen, a crumbling addition that the Historical Society won't let us tear down yet, creaky floors, a dungeon and Ronald McDonald paint. What have we gotten ourselves into?!! EKKK!!
But YAY! We're homeowners and have to be out of our apartment by the 26th.

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ba and the boys said...

lauren-that is an adorable home! you will make it so awesome!
(of course j is adorable)