Saturday, September 17, 2011

California Trip

On our way to Sacramento at the end of July we stopped off at Tahoe. This plaque is right by the beach access point and I thought it was very descriptive of how I felt looking out at Tahoe for the first time.
Mr. Robbins jumped right into the FREEZING water, but Javin was a bit more on the cautious side.
Javin LOVED being chauffeured around by daddy.
Cute little family Kodak moment @ Tahoe

Our cousin, Briana, was getting married in the Sacramento Temple - the reason behind our trip - but once we got there the ONLY thing that mattered was the fountain out front. Look at those cute toddler bottoms (mine is on the left).

After the wedding and before the reception we stopped off at the American River and had some fun. Javin mostly filled his bucket with the sand/mud.

Isn't this the most ADORABLE face ever - I could be bias :)

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The Seiuli's said...

Haha so cute! Love your family pics, I need to be better at kodak moments, you've inspired me. ;) You guys look great!