Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our little haven from winter

Mr. Robbins, Javin and I took a little trip to Florida to visit my sister, Jenni, and her family. Tickets were CHEAP, CHEAP and were paid for with our Capital One miles :) Free vacation!!

The Salt Lake Airport has a great play area, but Javin is accident prone and slipped and did a face-plant on a hard plastic chair. Fat lip right before the flight, check.
Five-ish hours later we got to Jenni's house. Chichi, the Pom, and Javin were both begging for Peanut Butter M&Ms. Jenni got Chichi mid-air.
It wasn't nearly warm enough, but we went for a dip in the pool anyway. Javin was a little hesitant, but chilled out and even smiled for some pics :)
My little cheeser.
Mr. Robbins, Me, Javin, Jenni and Jhon.
They took us to the yummiest Argentinian grill, Mmmm...meat. And Javin wet himself :(
The boys on the bridge to the beach from Jenni's, first beach trip for the baby.
Doesn't really know what's going on yet.
Doesn't really like it.
A little bit better.
OMG! Kodiak Moment!
Baby footprints in the sand, Awww.
Not ready for the waves yet, run away!
Las Olas Beach. Excuse the pastie whiteness and the love handles, I live in Utah and the baby weight is harder to lose in some areas.
YAY! Mikey!

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