Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Outting with the 900 Court Crew

We love living here at the University of Utah married student housing, we've found some really awesome friends that we'll love forever. The 900 court is by far the BEST place to be! On Saturday night a few of us went up to some private property and had a small fire, it was SO nice. The weather was fantastic and the boys go up there to go shooting, so there were rock chairs already set up. We had smoores and banana boats and the boys just so happened to have their guns too so we all had to pose with them, Jaron is so proud. Don't worry mom, the guns weren't loaded.

Me, Meghan Huntsman, Kristen Seiuli and Teresa Swift. The two in the middle are expecting, I'm SO excited for them, they are both going to have such cute baby girls!

The boys thought that since Corey is on the football team he could totally hold them all..and they were right. Corey on bottom, Pete, Jaron and Travis on top because he's a whole 10 pounds lighter than Jaron.

The band of boys with their manly guns. Jaron's manliness is only borrowed right now, until he gets his own 'manliness' which should be on Friday.

The 900 Crew, we're hard core, haha!

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Brig said...

Going out shooting? Okay, that is SO Utah!

Wish I could have joined you!