Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ward Halloween Party

Jaron and I were having a hard time deciding what to be for our Halloween party last Friday, the 24th. We were thinking Sonny and Cher, Jaron would be Cher, but we couldn' t find time to go to DI together and I didn't trust him to pick out a good costume by himself.

We regrouped and decided on McCain and Palin. I ratted my hair SO high and we spray painted his white. Jaron was kind enough to take the lenses out of his glasses so I could wear them AND still see. But I went a little overboard at DI though and I got 3 suits and a cute coat for $40, can you say BARGAIN? I can!

We looked SO good! We even won "Most Original Costumes", we rocked the party!

Here is Jaron with his 900 Court best buds (left to right) Travis Swift (Popeye), Peter Huntsman (Danny Zuko), Jaron (McCain) and Corey Seiuli (Pirate). They like to go play guns together, BOYS!

Here I am with my girls: Meghan Huntsman (Sandy), Kristen Seiuli (Pirate), Me (Palin), Jen Hardcastle (Prego) and Teresa Swift (Olive Oil).

Bishop Mangum some how was in a good enough mood to pose for me, even after his wife tricked him into wearing this costume.

Bishop and Stevie posed with their FAVORITE Republicans, Palin and McCain. By the way, Bishop is a Demo, but we still love him.

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ba and the boys said...

great costumes! you beet tina fey!