Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hawaii Part III

Stops on our way to the North Shore:

This is what the boys wanted to do the whole time. The waves don't look THAT big, but they were. Teresa and I were taken out a couple of times and both our swimsuit tops were 'displaced' momentarily. Jaron on the yellow board, Travis on the orange, they had SO much fun. This was the first beach we stopped at, I think it was Waimea Bay Beach.

The boys thought that since they had so much fun mastering the waves, they could totally take on the Banzai Pipeline. Yeah right! They pansied out once it came down to it, they waves were really big and the rocks weren't hidden at all.

Just off the beach was this board, so we had a little fun.

FINALLY, SEA TURTLE! Teresa and I named him Mr. T. We was so cute and kind of stuck in shallow water so we got to take as many pictures as we wanted and he couldn't do anything about it, he just sat there and ate the green mossy stuff anyway.

Check it out!! I'm so proud of my photographic abilities! Close up of Mr. T coming up for a breath, he was quick too.

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