Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stake 5K

Jaron is a runner and I play the part of his Athletic Supporter! Get it?! HAHA, Athletic Supporter. He decided to participate in the Stake sponsored 5K, so I rolled my big bum out of bed and took pictures.
As you can see, he is SO excited. It took me FOREVER to get Namea and Jude Sells to pose with Jaron. Concidering the difficulty it was to get them next to Jaron, you'd think that he smelled BEFORE the race.

The starting line was a little chaotic.

Still running...

and running...

The end!! He was second by default. The guy that was second got lost the trail and when he found it again he was behind Jaron and Namea. Second by default is still SECOND, he even got a ribbon!

5K in 21 minutes and 32 seconds, and he's still so excited.

1 comment:

ba and the boys said...

hey-why isnt your preggie butt out there running?
way to go j!