Friday, October 16, 2009

September 16th

My birthday started as any other day, bright and early with a 4:00 am feeding, then a little more conscious at the 8:00 am feeding, but not by much. Surprisingly to my sleepy eyes I found these waiting for me from my handsome hubby.

I told Jaron the only thing I wanted was a diaper bag, I hadn't gotten one before Javin came. I wanted a special one too. We picked an ADORABLE Petunia Pickle Bottom off ebay, I knew it was coming so I was uber excited!

It took all my strength, but I waited for Jaron to get home to open it. I LOVE my bag!

We gave Javin a bath so his pitties wouldn't be stinky for a fancy birthday dinner. We documented his nakedness, big belly.

Jaron took us out to Tucanos in the Gateway Mall. The waiter made me stand up on a chair and shake it while they sang - How embarrassing! (I think I look pretty good for having a baby 15 day earlier.) You can see Mike in the bottom left corner.

My most favorite ladies: Myself (of course), Tara, Teresa, Meghan with little Danielle, and Annie in spirit (she had to work). It was Teresa's birthday on the 1st, so she and I got free dinners (pretty much the ONLY way we could afford to go). The girls got me a gift certificate to Sky Nails to get a Mani/Pedi (LOVE IT!!), the Thibs got me a gift cert to Cold Stone - Ice Cream is ALWAYS an appropriate gift and Tara took us out to pamper ourselves at Breathe Day Spa, it was great! I have such great friends, I love them!

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The Seiuli's said...

Happy Birthday!!! Wish I was there to celebrate!