Monday, January 21, 2013

T week

I get SO frustrated when I've saved my blog work daily on the same tab, then I close it and (of course) it didn't save. RRRrrr! Anyway...

We made it to the library, YAY! Since work starts at 4:30 now it makes Mondays a little more relaxed - I'm not in such a rush to get everything done. Being a mom is stressful.

Because I'm cheap and don't want to pay to park, we park on the South-East corner of the library, so each trip we get a little bit of a walk. On the way to the library we decided that Tree starts with T. On the way back to the car we looked at what was around and I suggested Toes and Teeth start with T and Javin shouted "Tongue!".

On the way home from the library we made our first trip to the new Trader Joe's, we got Grape Tomatoes, Blue Tortilla Chips and a Turkey Wrap (unfortunately it was unappetizing).

Mr. Robbins and Javin read: Dear Tyrannosaurus Rex by Lisa McClatchy
The Tortoise and the Hare by Janet Stevens
DC Super Friends: T. Rex Trouble! by Dennis Shealy

We made and ate Dino Muffins for breakfast, they were delicious and way too many calories. Javin ate the Triceratops. We went to the gym next and both LOVED it. He gets to play in the kids club while I sweat it up - its a win for both of us! We we got home he ate the T-Rex muffin. Javin watched Land Before Time and drew a couple pictures of dinosaurs while I did laundry and then we got ready for Young Womens (it feels still pluralizing 'women', oh well).

We read: It's T! by Kelly Doudna
Ten Apples Up On Top! by Dr. Seuss
I'm a T. Rex! by Dennis Shealy
The Voyage of Turtle Rex by Kurt Cyrus
Tadpole Rex by Kurt Cyrus
No T. Rex in the Library by Toni Buzzeo

We went to the gym again (the Sugarhouse 24 hour Fitness), and I did my first Spinning class. It mostly feels like my inner butt cheeks are on fire and there is NO way that I can go again on Friday. The leg workout was great though, I just need a squishier seat :)  then we had lunch at Chick-fil-A. And I ate all the calories I had just burned. Hooray! On our way home Javin was complaining that his Tummy hurt (for my son that means he has to poop) so we went home and I stripped him down and sat him on his potty. Six hours and two pees later we had a POOP in the POTTY! I'm pretty sure I heard the angels singing 'Hallelujah' with me. For more on the Potty Training experience go here (yes, there are details).

We read: I Love Tools! by Philemon Sturges
Tired Trucks by Melinda Crow
Freight Train by Donald Crews (LOVED)
Prairie Train by Marsha Chall
Whoo! Whoo! Goes the Train by Anne Rockwell
Busy Busy Train by Melinda Crow
Shark vs. Train by Chris Barton
Thomas the Tank Engine: Stop, Train, Stop! by Rev. W. Awdry

It was such a lovely warm-er morning, so we went to the zoo. It was so nice. We walked the whole zoo and talked about the difference between Tortoises and Turtles. And we stopped by the Tigers too.

We read: Riding The Tiger by Eve Bunting (weird)
The Dancing Tiger by Malachy Doyle
Tiger and Turtle by James Rumford
Read to Tiger by SJ Fore
Tiger Can't Sleep by SJ Fore
Raj the Bookstore Tiger by Kathleen Pelley

Javin is in LOVE with his 'shooters' (I don't like calling them guns), you know, those Nerf guns that shoot suction cup darts. So I  thought we'd make him a Target. I put tape on some paper I had and poured some red pant on it and told him to go to town. He liked his 'hexagon Target' - the darts wouldn't stick to it though :(  I was hoping they would so I could stop having to pull darts off my ceiling for him to reload.

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