Monday, January 21, 2013

U Week

Library day AND free quarterly Utah Museum of Natural History day! We took full advantage of both. We grabbed our U books and then some food and hit Up the "Nuseum".
Apparently my superstar can't be seen in public :)

"Mom, don't take picture of me - I'm just relaxing."
We saw the Utahceratops :)
Mom:"If you don't smile we'll go home right now." and this is the cheeser I got.

We had a great time, as usual. The museum never disappoints. When we got home 'we' (he) put on some Undies and took a nap (hardly ever happens)! When he woke Up he was still dry and went pee pee on the potty the rest of the night!

We read: Let's Have Fun With Alphabet Riddles by Caolan Madden
Bear in Pink Underwear by Todd H. Doodler
Charlie's Superhero Underpants by Lee Wildish

We went to the store and cleaned a bit, but mostly I tried to keep my foot Up - I was being not so smart the other day and fell off my rocking ottoman, legs flew Up in the air and back fell down on the floor. I'm not sure what gouged the soft, tender Underbelly of my foot, but it HURTS (especially after a full day of walking the day before).

Javin was in Undies all day and watched Up.

We read: The Midnight Unicorn by Neil Reed
An Undone Fairy Tale by Ian Lendler (good)
The Fish Who Cried Wolf  by Julia Donaldson

We talked about Umbrellas and that they can be used for rain and sun. He wasn't really interested so we just hung out, U week is difficult.

While getting ready for Relief Society Javin told me he wanted to wear his Undies, so we went for it. First time out of the house in Undies and no accident! Thanks mostly to the wonderful gentlemen that were in the nursery watching the "kids" (just Javin).

We read: The Umbrella by Ingrid & Dieter Schubert (cute)
Rain Song by Lezlie Evans
Never Give a Fish an Umbrella by Mike Thaler (LOVED)
Yellow Umbrella by Jae Soo Liu

We stopped by Jump Around Utah so Javin could 'jump Up, jump Up and get down' (or Under).

We read: Up! Tall! and High! by Ethan Long (LOVED because he read all the "up"'s)
Great Day for UP by Dr. Seuss (great)
Up Above & Down Below by Sue Redding

We talked about the only other U word I could think of Uncle. I told him that he has two Uncles; Briggy (brought Javin the Horseshoe for H week) and Scotty.

Then Uncle Scotty came over with his girlie friend, Amanda, right before bed time. YAY! It was a perfect surprise on the last day of U week!
Then we read: Willie and Uncle Bill by Amy Schwartz
Uncle Wally's Old Brown Shoe by Wallace Edwards (LOVED).

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