Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Ok. So, for all of you who don't know, I don't know why you wouldn't, I turned 25 on the 16th of September. Instead of going out for my actual birthday (Tuesday) we had many cheap opportunities to go out the weekend before. On Friday night we went to the Symphony, it was pretty good, a lot of weird people in weird clothes. The music was great for about 30 minutes then Jaron got bored and it got hot and we lost interest until they played another song we knew. We would have enjoy it more if we were more cultured.

Then on Saturday we got free tickets from my work for the Dew Tour, we only went to the Skateboarding Finals though. It was still pretty cool from the nose bleed section. The course was really awesome, I took a picture of it below. THE cool trick of the night was if you could kick flip on then kick flip off the orange rail in the almost center of the picture. The winner, 14 year-old Chaz Ortiz did the trick a few times and also did a trick (an ollie thing) up and over the gigantic fire hydrate on the left, WAY COOL.

Then on Sunday after Stake Conference we went to the last day of the Utah State Fair with Kristin, Brandon and Carly. We met my ma and pa there too. We ate SO much: Polish Dogs, Chili Fries, Fresh Lemonade and a HUGE raspberry Funnel Cake (my fav). When you go on the last day most of the animals are already gone, but the pigs never disappoint. They are always there with the cute piglets.

Then for my actual birthday we met my parents at Chuck-a-Rama for din. I wanted Golden Coral, but Chuck-a-Rama was closer and I was STARVING! Apparently the U of U football team was too, they were also at Chuck-a-Rama, I wonder if they have to pay more because they eat more? Anyway, we talked for a bit and I had a 3 plates, yum. The scones were especially good. When we got home a present was waiting for me in the middle of the living room floor, a big box wrapped in tin foil (he said I 'hide' the wrapping paper so he improvised). To my delightful surprise tit was a sewing machine!! YAY! Now I can fix Jaron's clothes so his bum doesn't hang out of his shorts and what a cute bum it is.

It was a great 25th birthday, thanks to all of you who love me and remembered me. I appreciate your calls and wishes!


Kristin said...

Hooray! You fix that bum! Happy Birthday!!!

ba and the boys said...

glad you ate your way thru your birthday-you are too skinny!
ps-you forgot to mension your FAVORITE SISTER who got you something for your birthday...(hint-it was ME!_
love ya lu!

Noelle said...

so cute!! now you can sew me some curtains to cover the odd shaped window in our living room!!