Saturday, September 27, 2008


It seems like every time we go to the Real Salt Lake games they either lose or tie, it really stinks! I promise, we've never been to a game that they've won. We must be a bad luck charm, we should probably just watch them on tv.

Anyway, Jaron won tickets to the RSL game on Sept. 19th from X96, that's the only reason we could go (he looks SO happy in the picture). So, we bundled up and hopped our bikes, we just live down the street. It just happened to rain on the way there and sporadically throughout the game, its REAL exciting riding bikes in the rain.

When we got to the game our whole row was packed, we had to squeeze through all the fatties and then wedge our skinny buns into one 'seat' because the larger people on both sides of us were encroaching on our seat numbers.
RSL scored one quickly, but then the linesman called it Off-sides, but it was WAY late and it was a BAD call. So they took the point away. Then in the second half one for their offenders broke through the RSL defence and was headed for the goal fast, a defender caught up and took the ball away just as soon as he did the RSL goalie ran right into him, taking him DOWN HARD. I'm sure they both felt it the next morning. The offender, untouched and with the ball scored. Ending the game 1-0.
Despite all the shortcomings we had a really good time, we were closer than we've ever been (which doesn't say much) and Jaron grabbed a shirt that was thrown into the stands (unused). We had a good time!

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mgonga said...

Lauren and Jaron - Tony Gongaware is trying to get your address - he is getting married in December - please e-mail him at or check your my space I think he left a note there