Monday, September 1, 2008

Lake Blanche

Jaron and I haven't really gone out to do much recently so he planned a nice little get away for us. Keep in mind this wasn't a nice relaxing get away, this was a backpacking overnighter up Big Cottonwood Canyon. We didn't know that when the map said it was 2.8 miles it meant 2.8 miles from point A to point B, not counting the switch-backs and turns ALL UPHILL. Three hours later when we arrived it was dark and I was BEAT. We ate some pitas with string cheese and pepperoni, they were good! (We also had some with Tuna, but they were really dry and not so fantastic) The only thing that went really well that night was the air mattress that I hauled up; it was heavenly, UNTIL it stared to rain and the wind threatened the integrity of our walmart tent. I slept about 4 hours Saturday night, in between the big wind gusts.

When we woke up the next morning the sun was shining and we wandered around for a bit; discovering waterfalls, bugs and pretty lakes (Lillian and Florence). We got packed everything up and headed down just in time to miss church.
It is now the next day and my whole lower half lets me know that 3 miles up and 3 miles down with a pack is NOT a good thing. I mostly want to cry, the occasional mile jog around the complex is not going to happen for a few days. I do however, get to ride my bike to school and work tomorrow. Its a good thing its all down hill.


ba and the boys said...

ahhh...nature...that is why im commenting on your blog from a california...near disneyland...

Brig said...

Try doing what you did AND making sure any one of 10 teenage boys don't fall off a cliff! Or light themselves, each other, random trees, or animals on fire. Being a Scoutmaster rocks.

I can offer advice on tents, packs, boots, waterproof ink-jet printable map paper, or pretty much any other camping gear you'd want to make your...stay...more pleasant.

Kristin said...

That spider is gross.