Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hawaii Part I

For those of you who may not know, we took a little vacation. We decided to have one last fling before we had to take on 'REAL' responsibility. We were planning on going to Spain, but Jaron wanted at least 2 weeks to see everything. And since we are both currently in school and both working there wouldn't be a full 2 week break before the baby arrived. In chilling with some friends we heard that Travis and Teresa Swift were going to Hawaii for Spring break, so we crashed their vacation.

First stop, Waikiki Beach! Travis and Jaron (in his shorty shorts).

Teresa and I in the water, we only got in up to mid-calf. The water was cooler than we wanted, but we look way hot in our cute bikinis! Just as we were getting in the water, when it was still uncomfortably cold, a little boy came racing by us into the deeper water with his boogie board. He flicked water all over us, but the funny part was that Teresa thought it was Travis being a brat, she caught herself right before reeming him out the little turd.

Jaron and I by a cute little waterfall, look how cute we are (even as prego as I am).

Jaron posing by the Waikiki Aquarium, it was only a few blocks from our hotel. It was really cool because they had these hand-held speakers that guided you through the whole aquarium. I'm glad that we went there before snorkling, we got to see all the fish behind the glass first. We also got to see a sea cucumber poop.

There were two cute little sea lions at the aquarium. I tried to get a picture of them together, but the little sign said they are mostly unsocial. Maybe its just me, but I always thought that sea lions were cute and cuddly--who knew. He wouldn't even pose for a picture. Its a good profile picture though, you can even see his whiskers.

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ba and the boys said...

1. you didnt tellme you were giong to our 50th state before you left.
2. it isnt fair that you look cute in a zukini when you are preggie and i, not being preggie, dont!
and 3. what? no postcard?! i thought i was your favorite!
glad you had a great time and i dont think i will ever look at j the same in those short shorts