Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Hair

This is the first picture of my new hair. Friends, Meghan with Danielle on my left and Teresa on my right. Its not a great picture of my hair, but my friends look great!!
I knew I wanted to go SHORT, but I was scared of layers. The girl in my ward who was doing the cutting could see my apprehension so she said, "We can always cut more off later, live with the shoulder length for a little - its easy to cut later then glue back on."

I looked a little too school girlie so two days later Alex (the girl in my ward) cut about 6 more inches. I LOVE MY NEW HAIR, its SO easy!!


Noelle said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! It looks so so good - sad i haven't seen it in real life yet.... we haven't been to our ward in forever!

Ryan and Kristina said...

Hey Lauren,
Love the new hair. Super duper cute! But, that's just how you roll right? You are always such a dollie. So, I added you on my blog page. My blog is, if you want to add it. Okay, thanks. Take care! How are along are you now?

Ryan and Kristina said...

How far along is what I meant to put. I hate it when I do that. Sorry, just super anal about stupid things like that.

ba and the boys said...

more hair photos!