Friday, June 19, 2009

Fatty, fatty 2 by 4

Ok, this is not the cutest picture, but it a good belly one. May 28th, so it was taken right before we moved into our two bedroom. The belly is about the same size out, it just wider now. I've gained about 28 pounds so far and I'm 30 weeks. I just noticed yesterday, what I think to be my first stretch mark, EKK!

This morning Javin was moving a bunch, I thought it would be cool to get it on video. Its about 2 1/2 minutes long, so if you are real interested in seeing my belly move and hearing Jaron blow his nose then you might not want to watch. My belly button isn't completely out yet, but it isn't as cute as it used to be - sad face. Javin is always on the left, head down and butt up in my ribs - either he likes it or he is already stuck.


BeccaJane said...

Ok, so seeing you every week looking SO STINKIN' CUTE seriously makes me miss being pregnant. And now this video....seeing/feeling the baby move is my absolute favorite part of it all! Yay!! Pretty soon Mr. Javin will be here and he'll be so yummy & sweet!

Dan and Lauren said...

Hey Lauren! I found your blog, haha! You are such a cute pregnant woman! You will be such a great mom! And I think Javin is the most adorable name for a boy! Love it!

Jenny said...

Holy crap. I just found your blog. Congrats on the pg...a little late as you are so close to having the babe. I hope all is going well.