Monday, November 2, 2009

Blessing Day

November 1st we had Javin blessed in our Sacrament meeting, but before that we had to bathe him and get him dressed to the nines. We played with him a little too! Jaron was playing with him a little bit and here he's cracking a smile.

This is what I call the 'HUH?!' face.

He doesn't like this yet, but that doesn't stop Jaron.

Jaron's Dad, Darrell, with Javin. What a proud Grandpa!

Sariah, Hol feeding Javin and Me.

Hol with Javin.
Jeremy & Sariah

After the blessing both families congregated in our 2-bedroom apartment, it was a tight squeeze - to say the least. It was such a beautiful day that most of Jaron's fam went outside, you guys are so great! Around the table Scott, Derek, Janice & Brooke. Standing up Kristin, Grandpa & Grandma Robbins & Doug.

Grandma Dixie, Josh & Alex (nephews) and my Pa.

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