Monday, November 2, 2009

Bye Grandpa Valdez

On Halloween he made a rode trip up to Idaho for Grandpa Valdez's funeral, he had had his second heart attack just a month earlier and hasn't been in good health for some time now. Thanks goodness for the patience of Grandma Ester, who put up with his stubbornness daily or he wouldn't of lasted this long.

Jaron and Scott were pallbearers.

The Color guard was present, Grandpa was in the Marines and served in two wars, there was a 21 gun salute and a trumpeter played the do-da-doo, do-da-doooo song (you know the one).

Luckily, we had just visited Grandpa about 2 weeks before he passed, on your way back from Yellowstone. He got to see his first Great Grandson.

They had about the same amount of hair and almost twinner shirts.

Jaron, Kristin, Carly, Grandpa Valdez, Brooke and Scott

Jaron, Me, Javin and Grandpa

Grandpa, Javin and Jaron (Javin was DONE with pictures)

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