Monday, November 2, 2009


Big yawn for our little pea in a pod!

The Huntsmans - a mouse, a cat & a hot dog. Danielle won cutest kid costume!

We got Javin's costume a few weeks ago, so we decided to be farmers to go along with our pea pod. I had the brilliant idea to go as the farmers in the American Gothic painting. Jaron didn't want to carry a pitchfork around with him all night so I gave him a garden claw.

The Thatchers were a Black Widow and her prey, they won most original (I think).


ba and the boys said...

you two (well, 3 now) have the best costumes every year! love it!

Mike & Annie said...

oh I love the pea in a pod!! I need some lauren time soon!

Maples Family!! said...

I love your costumes!! SO CUTE!! I am so sad we are not there to go to the FUN!! Halloween party, we sure had a fun time last year!