Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Party #1

Rino and Geena Williams were rad enough to host their own Halloween party and invite us :) YAY! Geena made the most yummy Alfredo with Artichokes, of course I got the recipe.

We had a pumpkin painting contest and here are the contestants. (Our 'apple' didn't win, but I thought it was creative). The cracked-out Sponge Bob and the black with white ones won.

I'm not very good at taking unposed pictures.
Rino's mom was GREAT with Javin! He absolutely adored her, maybe it was all the candy and treats she fed him - that's what Grandmas do :) HAHA. Can you see Maddy in the background? Looking longingly? I think he needs a baby, just sayin'.
He looks like Santa
We won best costume, YAY! And Javin is wearing one of the prizes. Just a little big.

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