Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Murder Mystery

Annie and I tried our hands at a Murder Mystery Halloween party. I think it went well, the food was ABSOLUTELY delicious! And the costumes were FUN! I made out family 'German' costumes for Halloween and Jaron's character for the party was Long John Silver - so I made him an eye patch. He'd say things like, "Arrrg! Mi Liderhosen tis fallin!" He's such a good time!

Here are our costumes - thanks mom for the help on my sleeves :) Tony was Sherlock Holmes - he did wonderfully!

Teresa (Rapunzel) and Noelle (Tink) - cutest princesses over 10 years old :)

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Noelle said...

Dang straight we're the cutest princesses over 10! And you guys were the cutest little German family ever!