Wednesday, November 24, 2010

50 Free Holiday Cards

Each year around this time I print tons of the same picture at Walmart (wading through the lines of people who don't know how to use the machines), spend hours picking out the perfect paper and embellishments, get at least 5 cardstock paper cuts, waste hours getting the layout just perfect and spend more money than if I just bought the stinkin' Christmas cards. I don't have the luxury of time this year - moving, painting, 1 year-old boy, just for a start. This year I'm starting early and hopefully getting them out prior to 3 days before Christmas.

I found some REALLY cute cards on, and super cheap - less than $1

Take a look at these cute cute Christmas/Holiday cards here. I love the orange/green mod, the 12 baby faces are 1 for each month and the close up of the baby face has gold glitter 'Peace'. LOVE THEM!!

Some people like to give personalized calendars for Christmas presents (I LOVE calendars!) and I think its a great idea. If I had more pictures I'd do it myself - maybe next year :) Here are some fun ideas.

Another perfect Christmas idea is a picture book, I have a few of my own. Its a wonderful way to store and look at pictures, because let's be honest, we all have files upon files of pictures that we never look at. Take a look here.

To find out how to get 50 free cards go here.

Good luck and good picture hunting :)

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