Saturday, April 23, 2011


I know this is a little late, but I've been busy :) Saturday morning we took Javin over to the local Mason Temple for an Easter Egg Hunt. We didn't know how he'd do or if he'd even get the concept. But he picked it up and didn't stop, literally.

There were some nice girls putting eggs out for him on the ground and helping him find them.

Once he realized there was CANDY in the eggs he couldn't be bothered finding more, he just wanted the candy.

Javin with his loot.

The nice girls started Javin off with a real easter egg in his basket, when he tried to eat it the dye colored his nose blue :)

My little family :)


Jessica.Harris said...

Awe! I <3 You and You're Cute Little Family!

The Seiuli's said...

Ok I need some of Javin's hair to rub off on Jordan's, it won't grow! Haha! He is so cute. And I love those silk tied eggs, Corey and I are stealing that idea. So cool.