Friday, April 1, 2011

The last week

Javin still LOVES bath time - he loves to lay down so his ears are under the water and he'll yell and yell until he almost drowns himself. He'll sit up until he can breathe again and then go right back under the water. Silly baby :)

Saturday I went over to my mommy's house and cleaned a bit - the fridge needed some extra special attention. I know she needed it and she's so grateful, you're welcome madre.

On Tuesday we had Mutual, the group that came for the Devotional was unexpected and a little awkward, but the refreshments were AMAZING! We got doughnuts from a place called Beyond Glaze (I think). I had 1/2 a Maple-Bacon, that's what I said MAPLE-BACON, and 1/2 a Chocolate Raspberry. Mmmm..bacon.


Janae said...

Has Noelle seen this? Maple bacon donuts might be her new thing. Javin is as cute as ever!

Noelle said...

Ha ha ha. Janae I haven't tried one yet, but I've seen them before! I also found a recipe for bacon cupcakes. So what's the verdict Lauren, are they good!?