Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pictures & Preschool Dilemma

Where else would you put your finger?

Cousin Alex & Javin

Javin will turn 3 on Sept 1st, which means I could probably find a Preschool that will accept him, but do I really want to go through all the work and spend money we don't have for preschool? Plus, he isn't potty training, nor is he interested.

So...I've been toying with the idea of just doing my own mini preschool. I found this website that I'm basing my curriculum on. Time permitting we'll do 'school' from 11-3 M-F. I'm actually kind of excited, I teach Javin things everyday, but to have an actual plan is empowering (is that the right word?).

This week's letter is A.


We went to the library, which gave me a chance to teach Javin about being quiet with his mouth and feet. We got some great books with A words. Based on the books we got I gave Wed, Thur & Fri their keywords for the day. We'll read Abuela by Arthur Dorros and Alfred Digs by Lindsay Barrett George tonight.


Blake + Jess. said...

Exciting Lauren! Such a good momma!

Noelle said...

Okay Supermom! You are amazing! You will do an awesome job with your at-home preschool. Good luck!