Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Oh LOOK! Nemo and Dori!
We are still in the A week. Today we read Alligator Boy by Cynthia Rylant and Alligator Baby by Robert Munsch (I liked Alligator Boy better). We talked about Aquamarine, he just kept calling it Blue (I think it might be too early for colors within colors). We also talked about about Alligators and we went to the Aquarium, since Javin is still 2 he was free - awesome! It just so happened to be lunchtime while there, we ate PB&Js, Applesauce, Animal Crackers and Cucumbers.

While in the gift shop, trying to find a toy that wouldn't get covered in cat hair the minute we got home, nor would cost more than $10; I hear, "Mommy? Heehee." I turn around to this. Love this kid.

I don't want you to think my day wasn't without strife. As we were eating lunch, Javin decided he didn't want to eat his sandwich. In an effort to persuade him I pulled out the Animal Crackers, but that's when it started, the dreaded meltdown. He wouldn't stop screaming for the stinkin cookies. We had a two-minute screaming thrashing timeout and three bum smacks he was fine and finished eating.

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