Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beast-day Wednesday

Today started out as any other, a little slow going. We met up with my sis, Sariah, and her crew at the zoo - Javin was SUPER excited to see cousin Alex, they have so much fun together. I was hesitant to even bring the stroller because I knew they'd just run the whole time. The boys went crazy, like I thought they would, running from animal enclosure to the next. First, the Elephants, then the Bird Show, next the new Rocky Shores, and lunch, then back to the front for the train - which was closed - bummer! Sariah had some appointments up at the U, so I got to keep Sabrina and Alex for a bit and finish the zoo. As we waited for our turn on the Carousel we talked about the B animals we had seen: Bears, Bees, Birds, Bald Eagle, Rhino Bum, etc. Conveniently the boys chose animals next to each other and grinned like fools the entire ride.

Javin, reluctantly posing with the Polar.

The Grizzlies stopped play fighting for a minute to look at us.

Brina, Alex and Javin chillin'  with the Gorilla.
I made the mistake of getting the kids ice cream cones, the mistake comes in because I didn't share with Javin. He couldn't eat it fast enough for the HOT day it was, so it dripped all over him, he was filthy and sticky and whiny.

When we got home I wiped him down, we read: More Bears! by Kenn Nesbitt and Bare Bear by Miriam Moss (really good) and he passed out in his bed, good thing too, I needed a minute alone. After he woke up we played a little and ate Dino Chicken Nuggets, Peas & Rice. I gave Javin a Bath (he pooped in) and afterward we read: Berlioz The Bear by Jan Brett (pretty good) and Old Mother Bear by Victoria Miles (not up our alley). 

All in all it was a pretty good day.

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