Monday, September 24, 2012

E wEEk

Library day! We got a surprising amount of books. I was expecting like 4 books because I could only come up with a few topics starting with E, but we found quite a few. We decided that the Elevator at the library starts with E and so we rode it up and down 3-ish times.

We read: Clemence and His Noisy Little Fire Engine by Jessica Spanyol (weird)
The Elevator Man by Stanley Trachtenberg
Eloise by Kay Thompson

We meet Javin's friend Helene and her mother at the zoo to see the Elephants - we talked about which one was bigger and how they use their trunks. Javin wanted to take the picture, not be in it, so he took this:

Javin chose the Bald Eagle as the animal to ride on the carousel, I didn't even have to suggest an E animal!
We read: Rose & the Bald-Headed Elephant by Wooley Cottswold (weird)
Ronnie the Rhino and the Grumpy Old Elephant by Hector Garcia, Jr (weird)
Monkey & Elephant's Worst Fight Ever by Michael Townsend (LOVED)
What Elephant by Genevieve Cote
Elephant in the Bathtub by Kristina Andres
The Big Elephant in the Room by Lane Smith
Never Mail an Elephant by Mike Thaler (Cute)
Elephant Soup by Ingrid & Dieter Schubert (Cute)
Are these the cutest things EVER?!
Egg Day - We ate tortilla and cheese for breakfast, which doesn't have an E in it, but inside the tortilla is scrambles Egg and cheese; its one of Javin favorites (Jaron got him hooked at a young age).

I also hard boiled some Eggs for Egg Salad sammies for lunch and we had a lot of Egg talk. (side note: when I asked him to help me creak the eggs for the salad he said,"No! Baby bird in there."-CUTE!)

We read: An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni
The Cow that Laid an Egg by Andy Cutbill (Cute)
Bear's Eggs by Ingrid & Dieter Schubert
Roly-Poly Eggs by Kali Stileman (LOVED)
Eggday by Joyce Dunbar (Cute)

Eye Day - We discussed Eye color and figured out that Javin has green, daddy has blue and mommy has brown (first answer was black). We talked about how eyes make it so we can see and when someone's Eyes don't work very well they wear glasses.

Read: The Eye Book by Dr. Seuss (LOVED)
I Spy with My Little Eye by Edward Gibbs (LOVED)
My Traveling Eye by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw
Eye See it! by Scholastic Books

For our art project I had Javin name some animal bodies for me to draw and he glue-dotted googely Eyes onto them. We had a penguin, sea turtle, cat, monkey, Eagle, fox, walrus and Elephant. He did pretty good, except for the walrus looks like Sid from Ice Age. And don't judge me because of my pant-less, dirty-faced child. It was our inside day and we needed some icecream. What? Some days you need to stay in PJs all day.

We packed a lunch and some Engine books and headed out for this little spot by the Union Pacific train tracks. We watch them move back and forth and we count train cars and talk about the artwork on them and try to decide whats in them. This day was a little different though. A random car pulled up and a guy asked me if we were lost, I informed him that we go there on occasion to watch the trains. He told us he was the Yard Director and asked if we wanted a closer look. OF COURSE! We got an up close look at the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus cars that are parked there for the week and some Engines. He also gave Javin a super cool Union Pacific light and said to call next time and maybe we can ride on one of the Engines!
Who knew they still travel by train?! I mean, it makes sense, but I just never thought about it.

The day would have been awesome to end right there, but we went and picked up a friend who needed a ride to the hospital (non-emergency). But we ended up talking about the hospital while we waited and about the Emergency room and what happens. Then my friend was super nice and got us some stuff from the gift shop for taking her the hospital - way nice and unnecessary. She got Javin a book about birds: Who am I? Birds by Son Schein Press, the Eggs in the book open so you can see what kind of bird is inside - its awesome!

We read: Runaway Engine! Thomas & Friends book
The Little Engine That Could: Gets a Checkup by Watty Piper

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Kristin said...

Ha ha! My child is often pant-less and dirty-faced. It must come from the Robbins side!

How awesome that you got to look at the train cars! That sounds exciting!