Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gee its been a long week!

You know how life trials work? In my life, it works like this: Everything is good, so I start to get nervous for 'the bad' to happen. Something inconvenient, but not terrible happens, I think that 'the bad' is over and I relax. Then I get blindsided with something awful and hate myself for being stupid enough to think that the inconvenient was 'the bad'. **WARNING** This post is a bit depressing.

Having said that, it was an AWFUL week. It started normal, library day with Gram, we ate Grapes and talked about Gardens and looked at ours outside, then we colored Green Gs for a while.

Gram read Javin some books: Grandpa Green by Lane Smith
Gabby & Grandma Go Green
Grandpa's Overalls by Tony Crun,
she is such a good reader that he fell asleep on her lap.


We got a really late start, I wasn't feeling it. It was hard to get out of bed and I knew the next day was going to be the Zoo day (Gorillas, Giraffes, Grizzles, Goats, Geese) so we just hung out and I let Javin watch a few shows while I cleaned and tried to collect myself and get it together. We ran a few errands and talked about how the Green traffic light means Go. That evening we dropped Jaron off at the airport for him to go to a business conference in Orlando.


I traded someone a shift and was picking up my portion from 7:00am-9:00am. I received an unusual call from my Step-dad's phone at 7:30am, I ignored his call because I was on a call, then my mom called. I knew something was wrong so once I had a minute I paused my work phone and called my mom back - through her tears and sobs she told me that my nephew, Josh, had just hung himself across the street in my sister's garage. I was immediately filled with panic and it felt like all the blood in my body drained to my feet. I told my mom I'd be there shortly. I called my work and managed to use some Paid Time Off and Volunteer Time Off to get off 7:45-9:00 - it was a miracle. I ran downstairs, brushed my teeth, packed a quick bag for Javin and woke him up. Dressed in our pjs we raced out to West Valley to find a small group of people gathered on my sister's driveway. The whole way there I was trying to convince myself that I heard my mom wrong and/or that she was just exaggerating. Once I pulled up and saw the police it set in. The unfortunate and unexpected death of my 16 year-old nephew has been and continues to be a really terrible, confusing, frustrating experience.  

Needless to say, we didn't go to the zoo. Neither did we do anymore G week, we stayed at my sister's house in West Valley the rest of the week and cleaned, cried, ate and talked. It was wonderful to see family and friends, I just wish it had been under different circumstances.

I couldn't just leave it at that. Here are a few books I thought were cute and was excited to read, but didn't get to:

Duck, Duck, Goose by Tad Hills
Gorilla Garage by Mark Shulman
Furious George Goes Bananas by Michael Rex
Gideon & Otto by Olivier Dunrea
The Girl On The Yellow Giraffe by Ronald Himler
John, Paul, George & Ben by Lane Smith (I might grab this one for J week)
The Legend of the Golden Snail by Graeme Base (Also, this one for S week)


Noelle said...

That is so horrible Lauren, I am so sorry to hear that. Praying for you and your sister's family.

Janae said...

I can't say more than what Noelle has already said. We are so sorry for your loss and that of your sister. Please let her know we will be praying for her.