Thursday, October 25, 2012

H Week

Last week was long and difficult, with the viewing and prepping for the funeral AND scrambling to get Mr. Robbins home from Orlando in time - it was crazy. Mr. Robbins ended up arriving just in time, seriously, 30 minutes later and he would've been too late. After the viewing the Mr. and I ran home and packed for our....trip to France/Spain.

As many of you know, I work for jetBlue. At the Summer Party I won two round trip tickets on IcelandAir, to anywhere they fly. We wanted to go to Spain (That's where the Mr. served his mission, we both speak Spanish, it was a no brainer), however, their flights to Spain decrease to 1 per week in October. Long story, made short...we flew to Paris, spent a couple days and then flew to Spain, then stopped back off in Paris on our way back home. It was amazing and IcelandAir was AWESOME!

My brother was here for the funeral, from Kentucky, and knew he'd be at my house with my mom and Javin during H week so he brought a Horse shoe for Javin. An actual, real, racing Horse, little bit of dirt in it Horseshoe. My mom said they did a lot of Horse stuff and they read Heart in my Pocket - that was his favorite.
I asked him to go grab his shoes, this is what he brought back.

My mom also said that Javin was the biggest Helper. And I know for a fact that they ate Hambuger Helper for dinner one night, it was pretty much the only thing in my empty kitchen. My Ma, Pa and brother were such troopers, thanks!

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