Sunday, November 18, 2012


We started M week on Saturday with a Mustache Bash Baby Shower for my neighbor and best friend, Tara. Super fun! Javin is wearing 'The Villian'.

On Monday we bundled up and headed out to the library.

Then we realized it was closed for Veteran's Day.

So we went home and waited for my niece, Britney Magstadt, to come over and cut Javin's hair...
...into a Mullet. 

Tuesday we went to the library AND the Natural History Museum of Utah (aka. the dinosaurs in the big building). Since D week he's been asking to go back, I figured M week was a good one.
 Playing with the Map.
'My Backyard' exhibit - AWESOME!
 Magnets AND dinosaurs?! Mind officially blown!
Javin drank Milk, which he does everyday, but we talked about how it starts with M, you could also do this (it looks fun).
We read:
Bailey at the Museum by Harry Bliss
All by Myself by Emile Jadoul
It's Milking Time by Phyllis Alsdurf
Can Hens Give Milk? by Joan Betty Stuchner

Javin woke up in the Lightning McQueen pjs that he LOVES, good start to a good day.

Britney came over again and we watched a bit of the LDS General Conference (we didn't get to watch it when it was broadcast). Javin watched his owe Movie, Monster's Inc.  Then proceeded to cause Mayhem the rest of the day.

Javin is scared of everything. If someone knocks on the door hard - he cries, he's afraid of this and almost anything monster-like. But he's also interested in anything monster-like. So we just found some non-scary monster books.
We read:
Meet the Monsters by Jane Yolen (creepy)
My Friend the Monster by Eleanor Taylor (good and not scary)
Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli by Barbara Hicks
Goodnight, Baby Monster by Laura Leuck
Slow Down for Manatees by Jim Arnosky (great and educational)
I'm A Manatee by John Lithgow

I woke up on Thursday with a possible Medical emergency, always fun to wake up to one of those. Apparently, I'm allergic to a common antibiotic, Bactrim. I woke up with a rash, called my doctor and had to go in so she could see how bad it was. Her number one instruction? NO SUN for at least a week?! Which, unfortunately, means no zoo. Javin was SO sad :( We were suppose to see the Monkeys. We stayed inside all day and Javin watched Monsters, Inc (again).

We read: Monkey with a Tool Belt by Chris Monroe
Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett (LOVED)
A Monkey Among Us by Dave Horowitz (great)
Monkey Truck by Michael Slack (great)

Mr. Robbins took Javin to the zoo, they had a great time - he said they saw Monkeys, Meercats & Macaws.

We ate some dinosaur Muffins, because everything is better when its dinosaur :)
A super nice neighbor gave us a dinosaur Muffin Mold, Javin is holding the T-Rex, you can't  tell because its the back.

We read: The Useful Moose by Fiona Robinson (good)
Ernest, the Moose Who Doesn't Fit by Catherine Rayner (great)
Have you ever seen a Moose brushing his teeth? by Jamie McClaine (great)
Beaver Pond Moose Pond by Jim Arnosky
If You Give A Moose A Muffin by Laura Numeroff (great)

Saturday (we meshed into Saturday because Monday was a wash)

We read: Moon Dreams  by Ruth Martin (good)
Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown (LOVED, again)
Moonlight by Helen V. Griffith
Happy Birthday, Moon by Frank Asch
Mavis & Her Marvelous Mooncakes by Dar Hosta
Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

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