Monday, December 10, 2012

P Week

Book#2 (of the Christmas countdown): Inside, Outside Christmas by Robin Spowart

Library Day! We talked about Pants and Pink and Purple on our way to the library.
We read: A Penguin Story by Antoinette Portis
Playful Little Penguin by Tony Mitton
Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester
The Little Penguin by AJ Wood

Book#3: The Perfect Present by Michael Hague

We went to the Post Office and mailed out some of our Christmas cards. 

 Then we went to the  Park and had a ton of fun! 

When we got back home we ate Pistachios. And Petunia, the cat, caught Javin in a weak moment and scratched him on the face.

We read: The Poky Little Puppy by Janette Lowrey
Puppy is Lost by Harriet Ziefert
The Pigeon Wants a Puppy! by Mo Willems (cute)
Please Take Me for a Walk by Susan Gal
A Porcupine Named Fluffy by Helen Lester (good)
LMNOPeas by Keith Baker (GREAT)

Book#4: The Legend of Papa Noel by Terri Dunbar (GREAT)

While I made Pancakes for breakfast Javin while he went Pee Pee on the Potty. We tried going Poop, but that didn't work, he Pooped in his diaper in the 15 mins we were out of the house.

We read: Pretty Pru by Polly Dunbar
Petunia by Roger Duvoisin
Princess Penelope's Parrot by Helen Lester
Three Hens and a Peacock by Lester Laminack
Madam President by Lane Smith

Book#5: When Posy Peeked at Christmas by Ann Dixon

I asked Javin what he wanted for breakfast, he said Pistachios - what 'normal' kid wants Pistachios for breakfast? They are delicious, but for breakfast?
Today was our Pirate day! I was so SUPER excited about it too! I made this treasure map for Javin, I had to get some stuff done and I wanted to make it fun for him.

First: We had to traverse the "Mountains of dirty dishes" - he rinsed while I washed.
Second: We stopped at the "Apple Juice Tavern & Grill" - he only wanted applesauce.
Third: We went back to the "Mountains of now clean dishes" to put in our dirty dishes.
Fourth: We quickly stopped by the "Waterfall & Tub" for a bath.
Fifth: We "Scrubbed the deck" by cleaning his room, just a few things on the floor.
Sixth: "Hiding the Booty", Javin doesn't only have toys in his bedroom, so we hid/put away the toys in the livingroom too.
Lastly: I had put some starbursts, bag of Popcorn and thumb drive with the movie Peter Pan in his sea turtle backpack and hid it under the table in the hall.

It was way fun and reminding Javin of the treasure hunt kept him on task, it worked like a charm :)
We read: How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long (LOVED)
Pirates Don't Change Diapers by Melinda Long
Pirate Pete's Talk Like A Pirate by Kim Kennedy (good)
Papa is a Pirate by Katharina Grossmann-Hensel (ok)
The Pirate Cruncher by Jonny Duddle (LOVED, again)

Book#6: Jesus' Christmas Party by Nicholas Allan

I introduced Javin to the wonderful world of Play-doh today.
 He made a all sorts of animals, when I put away his yellow seahorse he cried, it was so sad. I reminded him that we can Play with it another day, he seemed to be satisfied with that answer.
 We made Pink Play-doh Ps, He LOVED it!
We read: Pigsty by Mark Teague
Pie for Piglets by Michael Dahl (LOVED)
Some of My Best Friends are Polka-Dot Pigs by Sara Anderson (weird)
Panda & Polar Bear by Matthew J. Baek (great)
Pickle & Penguin by Lawrence David

Book#7: Prancer by Stephen Cosgrove

Book#8: A Christmas Tree for Pyn by Olivier Dunrea

Book#9: Have You Been Naughty or Nice? by Ethan Long 

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